Our purpose is to use the sport of Rodeo and Campdraft to celebrate who we are as people and the country way of life. To bring people together with a common social purpose and benefit. We offer the community an opportunity to enhance community spirit and family engagement through taking part in events & programs as competitors, spectators, sponsors, employees, volunteers and students.

The Saltwater County Inc. ethos is to give back to the community and in doing so, create awareness of some of the issues facing our community such as violence against women, youth suicide and juvenile incarceration.

The way we work

  • Showcase professional riders through the Rodeo and Campdraft whilst securing a platform for local and regional talent to compete
  • Encourage community participation and inclusivity of all community groups regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, physical ability, health or well-being. 
  • Run as a not for profit and invest the income generated from the event and its activities towards creating a self sustaining organisation, event and rodeo school.
  • To create a platform to support local & national charitable organisations that fit with our key purposes and community objectives
  • Seek different charitable and community organisations to partner with for example the Lifeline and White Ribbon Foundation among others.
  • Celebrate a lifestyle that strives to maintain a connection to the land through engaging all generations and community members in a premier event, rodeo school and associated programs.
  • Transcend cultural and generational barriers by securing a platform for local talent to train & compete whilst showcasing professional riders.
  • Collaborate and partner with local and national organisations to make our Saltwater dreams come true.

Background Photo: Streets Jetty, Broome © Photo supplied by Tourism WA