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Saltwater Country is a not for profit organisation dedicated to empowering and mobilising the connection of aboriginal people to land, horses and stockmanship pride above the 26th parallel.



To our R+R Friends, Partners, Competitors and Supporters,

It is with a heavy heart that the Saltwater Country board announces the postponement of our 2022 Rhythm + Ride event in Broome, WA this September.

In the spirit of being transparent with all organisational updates, we respectfully but regretfully confirm our major annual partner [who we have heavily relied on for foundational funding the last three years] has removed more than 33% of that key funding, only one month out from the R+R team going into pre-production for our annual event.

Although it may not be up in lights, it’s important to note that Rhythm + Ride is a First Nation, female run event in a remote part of the world with a very small team who volunteer their time and skills to work across all elements of the program to ensure a safe, diverse and progressive event is marketed and delivered each year. The stretch to push harder and further for the very funding we rely on, only a few short months out from the event, is just not possible to execute under the timelines at hand.

What has been illuminated to our team is the reality that even hyper-unique First Nation events that have continued to perform and generate positive economic and community impact across the global pandemic timeline, are simply not guaranteed a major sponsor or reliable funding source, year on year.

Our new goal is to change this.

Given we have contributed just under $1,000,000 to local economic stimulation, training and employment and tourism through this event over the last three years whilst promoting suicide awareness, we know it is important to return to Broome next year. Whilst we cannot currently measure the specific connection and community impact and therefore unity that this event program generates, we are working on developing a deeper measurement system for 2023, which helps sponsors further understand the importance of events such as R+R being granted more support, more funding perhaps; but never less. 

With that in mind, we ask that you “ride” with us through this small pivot to the program, and most importantly, get ready for our big 2023 return with some truly exciting updates that we know will be worth this short wait.

Rhythm + Ride is confirmed to return in September, 2023 with some exciting announcements.

For those who have already donated or offered up philanthropy in 2022, you have our deepest gratitude and we will be attributing those generous funds into an early pre-production phase from January 2023 onwards. For brands who are keen to partner with us for our big return in 2023, we will have some very exciting partnership updates to share with you, in early September of this year. For local suppliers, we are taking the time ahead to transform our internal processes to make the procurement process more effortless and straight forward. For R+R attendees, near and far, expect the most dynamic program to date. And of course, for our show-stopping competitors and nominees, we eagerly await the return of your skill and talent when we see you in the arena in 2023.
We look forward to reconnecting in the coming weeks and months; and we very much look forward to returning “together”, bigger and better in 2023.

Thank you for your ongoing support.

Background Photo: Streets Jetty, Broome © Photo supplied by Tourism WA

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