Saltwater Country Board &
Sub-Committee Members

The Saltwater Country Ltd. members come from diverse backgrounds with skills developed both domestically and internationally. The Board consists of member that have lived and worked in remote and Indigenous communities across the Kimberley and Western Australia. It is through such engagement we have come to recognize the connection people have to the pastoral industry and sports of Rodeo & Campdrafting along with its ability to facilitate positive change. The desire to benefit the community at a variety of levels will continue to push the Saltwater Country Ltd. team to grow Saltwater Country Inc. for many years to come.

Consists of people whose professional skill set, passion for affecting positive change in the community and work ethic aligns with Saltwater Country Ltd.’s objectives.

  • Danielle Dowell
    Danielle Dowell Treasurer

    A proud Gija woman from Warmun in the East Kimberley committed to creating meaningful opportunities in the community.

  • Ash Jenal
    Ash Jenal Volunteer Specialist

    Ash Jenal is a born & bred Broome local passionate about the power of volunteering to provide opportunities to build positive shared experience in the community.

  • Cara Peek Chairperson

    Cara is a Yawuru/Bunuba woman and founder of Saltwater Country Ltd. She is committed to improving the social, emotional, economic and cultural well being of First Australians.

  • Adele Peek Vice Chairperson [2015-2019]

    Adele, is a Yawuru/Bunuba woman and founding member of Saltwater Country Ltd. She is committed to enabling access and opportunity for First Australians.

  • Cherry Lawton Secretary [2018-2019]

    Cherry Lawton is a born & bred Broome local passionate about positive social change in the community.

  • Divina D’Anna Director [2019-2021]

    Divina D’Anna is a Bard, Nimanburru and Yawuru woman with Kija connections born and raised in the Kimberley.

  • Leith Barnes Event Sub Committee Member

    Leith is a Jabirr Jabirr man, based in Broome with his young family. He possesses a life long connection to the land and the Kimberley Region.

  • Ronald Wade Snr Director [2014-2021]

    Ronald Wade Snr is a Yawuru man who has worked in the Pastoral and Rodeo Industries across the country.

  • Pia Nock Volunteer Specialist [2018-2019]

    Pia Nock is a Community Development Practitioner with a passion for Broome and it’s people.

  • Linda Butterly Treasurer [2014-2016]

    Linda has more than 25 years of experience in regional and remote community and economic development

Background Photo: Streets Jetty, Broome © Photo supplied by Tourism WA

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